Rails on the River Tours
Folkston is known for its train traffic & is a rail fan friendly town.  There is a viewing platform known as the Funnel located beside the tracks for rail fans to enjoy the passing trains. All of CSXT's trains pass through the funnel & then pass over this trestle on the St. Marys River. Manifest freights originate in the Rice Yard in Waycross, GA and move South to the Baldwin or Moncrief Yards.  Intermodal trains, automobile rack trains, coal trains, and Amtrak trains all travel this route.  The river provides the ideal viewing point for the trains as they rumble over the trestle.  The trains can be observed going over the trestle or on the rails approaching the South end of the trestle.  There is nothing like feeling the rumble of the trains on the deck of a boat as they pass over the trestle.  This is one of the busiest train bridges!  Folkston has some excellent train themed lodging with Railside Lodging as well as The Inn at Folkston which has one room with decor solely devoted to the rail fan.  Train photos turn out great crossing the trestle from the viewpoint of the boat deck.
CSXT Locomotives as they cross the trestle over the St. Marys River.
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