About Capt. Diane Pollock

Capt. Diane Pollock grew up in south GA/north FL & has been on the surrounding water her entire life. From boating & fishing on the St. Marys River to enjoying the marshes & beaches of the area.  As result of her love of being on the water, Capt. Diane pursued her USCG Captain's License in 2011.  She also attained a BAEd from the University of North Florida in 1996.  She enjoys the challenge of analyzing all of the variables on any given day and putting together a successful charter trip whether it be sightseeing or fishing. Since 2015, Capt. Diane has also served in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary as a Coxswain conducting marine safety patrols.

In 2002, she became an above knee amputee as a result of a bone infection in her left knee. Despite being confronted with physical challenges, Capt Diane continued to participate in watersports & outdoor activities.  As an amputee, she enjoys waterskiing & fishing.  Since her amputation, she also competed for 3 years in the FOM National Bass Trail & as a sponsored athlete in adaptive rowing events with Brooks in Jacksonville, FL. Capt. Diane founded No Limits Charters, LLC in hope of introducing people to the outdoors in her area & all it has to offer.  "No Limits" was chosen as the name of the charter service as a testament to how she approaches life.

Capt. Diane Pollock is also a member of the National Association of Charterboat Operators.

Capt. Diane Pollock
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