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About Us


Inshore fishing charters

These charters cover the estuaries, marshes, and beaches out to 3 miles from the shoreline.  There is a wide variety of species that can be caught in these waters, including but not limited to redfish, whiting, spotted sea trout, flounder, and black drum.  The weather, tides, and seasons often dictate which species are targeted for any given trip.  Depending on the experience or preference of guests, live bait and/or artificial lures can be used for fishing.  Sharks and Kingfish can be targeted off of the beaches during the summer months when weather permits.


Southeast Georgia and Northeast Florida

One of the bigger decisions for guests to make is whether they want to fish in the waters of SE GA or NE FL as they have different regulations for the different species. The determining factor for which state's regulations take precedent is the departure/arrival from the same state and fishing only in that state's waters with the middle of the St. Marys River being the state line between the 2 states.  Fishing can be in any state, but we cannot travel between the two states during the same trip unless all fish caught are legal in both states. Please see examples of the two states' different regulations for the same species.  We can depart from either St. Marys, GA or Fernandina Beach, FL.  I maintain my guide licenses for both states.  GA & FL regulations are strictly followed.  Regulations are changed and updated by both states regularly, and are updated on this website accordingly.


Items supplied by the captain

Fishing trips are all inclusive with the exception of gratuity. The captain supplies the following items supplied by the captain:

  1. Fishing licenses for both states for guests
  2. Rods and reels 
  3. Tackle and live bait
  4. Bottled water & iced cooler

All fishing gear is professional grade rods, reels, and artificial lures.

Additional Information

Examples of current differences in GA & FL regulations

Spotted Sea Trout:

  • GA Bag Limit: 14    Size:  Over 14" TL
  • FL Bag Limit:  5     Size: 4 in slot 15"- 19" TL, 1 allowed over 19" TL


  • GA bag limit:  5      Size: Slot 14"- 23"  TL
  • FL bag limit:   2.     Size:  Slot 18"- 27". TL


  • GA Bag Limit: 15     Size:  Over 12" TL
  • FL Bag Limit:  10     Size:  Over 12" TL


  • GA Bag Limit:  15     Size:  Over 10" TL
  • FL Bag Limit:  8       Size:  Over 12" TL

***TL refers to Total Length

Both states' regulations provide ample opportunity for anglers to harvest enough fish for a great dinner.  We can also do "catch and release" trips.


Capt. Tommy Harris, Jr is also a contributing guide for No Limits Charters, LLC.  He also has a degree in Education and works full time as a dedicated teacher.